About Faith Christian Academy

Our Story

The story of Faith Christian Academy began many years ago with some parents who had a burden for their children’s education. They were parents who were convinced that their children’s education was a God-given responsibility not to be taken lightly. For them, Christian education was not just an option but a mandate. Since few options were available at that time, these parents began formulating an idea to start a Christian school in the Northland. They were convinced that the Classical method of instruction was not only a tried and true method of instruction, but superior to any other modern methods. These parents literally travelled the country visiting other schools to glean whatever wisdom they could. The guiding principles of parental involvement and Classical training providentially led to the formation of FCA, one of the first schools of its kind across the nation. The three-day a week Classical Christian model of education engineered into FCA combined the blessings of homeschooling and the trained educator into one cohesive unit. Today, FCA stands as a unique model of education that other aspiring parents from across the country have visited in order to establish similar schools in their area.