Christ Centered Education

Instruction at Faith Christian Academy acknowledges that all life, knowledge, and meaning extend from our Creator. Our Christ-centered curriculum means that we do more than simply provide a religion class among many other classes; rather by integrating the Scriptures throughout the curriculum, we present the Lord as the One in whom all knowledge is unified. This approach requires that all subjects, whether history, art, music, literature, mathematics, or science, be taught in the light of God’s existence and His revelation to humanity through His Word and His Son, Jesus Christ. We lead students in a pursuit of truth knowing that all truth points to God, and we encourage every student to develop a deep, genuine relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

What Makes FCA Distinct?

  • Preparation of students to become “thinking Christians”
  • Proven classical instructional methods (grammar, logic, rhetoric)
  • Small class sizes that encourage personal attention
  • Christian education that is both cost effective and strengthens families
  • Individual classes available for secondary students to enhance homeschool education
  • After school tutoring is available
  • The European House System in our secondary promotes community building