FCA and the Homeschool Community

Faith Christian Academy holds the utmost respect for homeschooling families and has a strong desire to support home educators in the Kansas City area in the endeavor to provide their children with an academically excellent, well-rounded, Christ-centered education. Below are a few of the ways Faith Christian Academy partners with homeschooling families. If you have any questions about FCA’s relationship with the homeschool community, please contact the main office at 816-455-3513.

Unit Courses
Most courses offered at Faith Christian Academy for students in the secondary (grades 7-12) are available as unit study courses to homeschool students. If there is a particularly subject a parent is struggling to teach, or that a student would like to pursue further, families may consider electing to take a course on site at our secondary campus. Worldview/Bible courses, science, mathematics, Latin, logic, and literature courses are some of the subject areas offered. For a list of the upcoming semester's courses, please use our contact form or call the main office. Some subjects may require placement tests or screening prior to enrollment.  Unit tuition costs can be viewed here.
All Knights athletics programs are fully available to the homeschool community.  Our youth sports programs are primarily offered for students 6th-12th grade. Track is available for students ages 6 and up. Our current sports include boys' and girls' basketball, boys' and girls soccer, boys and girls track, and girls' volleyball. Check out our sports registration page to see upcoming sports season enrollment information. You can view a detailed pamphlet on the Knights Athletics program here. For further questions, contact the Knights athletic director, Jimmy Standlea at knightsad@fcaclassical.com.
Special Events, Testing and Programs
Various special programs hosted by the school are often available to homeschool families.
  • Each Spring the Iowa Basic Skills Test is administered to elementary students to test proficiency in various core academic skills. The test is administered by faculty at Faith Christian Academy and homeschool students can take the test the FCA for a small fee.
  • In the winter FCA hosts a science fair. Open slots at the fair are made available to homeschool students to be judged in the fair.