Dual Credit Program

Faith Christian Academy has entered into a partnership with Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) and Missouri Western State University to offer several classes for dual-credit. Both colleges are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and both are members of the North Central Association.

In this program, students can earn both high school and college credit, at the same time, for a reduced college tuition rate. Students may earn up to a maximum of 24 hours of credit. Current dual-credit classes (subject to change each year) offered to juniors and seniors are:

  • (2 credits) American Literature (11th grade) = college credit for EN-LT 205 Intro to Literature
  • (3 credits) Political Theory (12th grade fall semester) = college credit for SS-PO 203 American Government
  • (3 credits) Civics (12th grade spring semester) = SS-PO 210 History, Civics and Social Responsibility
  • (3 credits) Worldview III (11th grade) = college credit for MT-PH 261 Introduction to Philosophy
  • (3 credits) Worldview IV (12th grade) = college credit for MT-PH 364 Contemporary Culture
  • (3 credits) Advanced Literature (12th grade fall semester) = college credit for EN-CP 103 English Composition I
  • (3 credits) Advanced Literature (12th grade spring semester) = college credit for EN-CP 104 English Composition II
  • (2 credits) Music Online (11th/12th grade fall semester) = college credit for MUS103 Fundamentals of Music
  • (3 credits) Music Online (11th/12th grade spring semester) = college credit for MUS101 Perspectives in Music

All dual-credit classes, with the exception of Music, are offered simultaneously with regular FCA classes. They are taught on the FCA campus by FCA teachers who serve as adjunct faculty with CCCK. The workload is the same – there is no additional work required to get college credit.  There is, however, a fee of $85 (per credit hour), in addition to FCA tuition, that will be paid by FCA to Central Christian College of Kansas.  This fee is significantly less than what a student will be charged for each class once in college.

Music Online classes are offered online through Missouri Western, and require work outside of FCA class time.  The fees for these online courses are different from the fees for CCCK courses, but are still a great value.

Enrollment for Dual Credits takes place each fall.  Juniors and seniors will be notified by email when registration opens. Contact FCA’s College & Career Advisor, Monica Hicks, for more information about this program.