Fine Arts

Role of a Classical Christian School in the instruction of Fine Arts

The central mission of Classical Christian education as it is expressed at Faith Christian Academy desires to give God glory through equipping students and their parents with an academically excellent education which teaches children to think critically, reason clearly and communicate effectively from a Biblical worldview. Such thought, reasoning and communication find various vehicles of expression. Some reside in the traditionally “academic” disciplines such as literature, history, science and mathematics. These disciplines train young students to engage their minds in pursuit of God’s revealed truth. Human expression of truth extends to outpourings of the heart toward God’s sovereignty as well. These expressions may be articulated in literature and poetry, or offered in song, music, visual art, and drama.

Opportunities abound for training in the skills of the Fine Arts and in their performance. While it may be possible for Faith Christian Academy to provide such opportunities for our own students as part of our curriculum, we recognize that the resources and time for such curricula are limited by the resources and focus of the school. We seek to provide for students the opportunity to develop those aspects of the Fine Arts which are NOT provided in another venue of education. This is the education of children in the appreciation of God’s truth in the beauty of the Fine Arts and preparing them to use these as tools of worship within the body of the church.

A classically-educated child should therefore be exposed to the elements of creative expression, the grammar of the Fine Arts; the complexity of their employment, as logic students; and be guided whenever possible to the felicity of their expression, in the rhetoric stage. While we recognize that not all students will develop into expert practitioners of these arts, all should be taught the elements of these disciplines and be equipped to appreciate their use by others in demonstrating God’s truth, beauty and goodness. We therefore hold a two-fold purpose in our education in the Fine Arts. The first is to instruct children in the rudiments of the various disciplines so that they are able to appreciate creative expressions of God’s sovereignty; the second seeks to offer students who have fledgling abilities and talents the direction at the earliest possible moment toward the glorification of God.