Faith Christian Academy is blessed to offer a fine arts program for our students. Art is offered once a week for elementary students in the first through sixth grades. Students experience a variety of art mediums and materials using the seven basic elements of art; line, shape, color, texture, space, value and form. Being a Classical school, we like to expose the students to great artists and works of art of our heritage.

We offer art classes for grades K-12.  Our Elementary program (grades k-6) introduces students once a week to art methods and history through hands on projects and study. Our Secondary program offers Art Studio, an introduction and further study into mastery of the classical mediums and techniques learning the elements and principles of art and design.  Art History/Appreciation offers secondary students the study of European Art History and cultural elements that have influenced the art and artists of the day. Students experience critiquing art, by developing an eye for artistic elements, discovering truth, beauty, and goodness throughout the ages.