Program Information



Sport Season Registration Begins in: Ages/Grade Teams
Girls’ Volleyball FALL June-July 6th-12th Grade JH, JV, & V
Boys’ Soccer FALL June-July 7th-12th Grade JH & V
Girls’ Basketball WINTER October 6th-12th Grade JH & V
Boys’ Basketball WINTER October 6th-12th Grade JH & V
Boys’ & Girls’ Track SPRING February 8-18 years of age as of Sept. 1, previous yr. All ages/Teams
Boys’ & Girls’ Golf SPRING February *Possible first season starting in Spring 2018
Girls’ Soccer SPRING  February  7th-12th Grade  V & JV

Please contact the Athletic Director at for more information about the Knights.

We allow students of Faith Christian Academy and Homeschool Students to participate in our athletic programs.

The purpose of the Faith Christian Academy Sports Program is to partner with parents and students in a cooperative venture to provide an opportunity for Faith Christian Academy and home school students to participate in organized, competitive athletics and to use that competition to teach Christian-based principles that will encourage young people to strive for spiritual maturity in all areas of their lives.The FCA Knights athletic program is governed by the FCA board of directors, headmaster and athletic director. Those that govern establish rules, makes organizational decisions, and appoints athletic staff based upon an established standard of organization and the Faith Christian Academy statement of faith. Please contact the Athletic Director at for more information about the Knights.

As home schooling continued to grow in the Kansas City area, more and more families were looking for athletic programs to give their children the opportunity to grow and compete in quality, Christ-centered sports programs. In 2000, a group of dedicated parents in the Northland launched Kansas City’s first competitive home school sports program, the Kansas City North Knights. In 2003, the Knights entered into an agreement with Faith Christian Academy to combine efforts and offer sports for both organizations.In March 2007 the Kansas City North Knights athletic program was formally merged with Faith Christian Academy. Home school athletes are still and will continue to be a vital part of the FCA Knights Athletic program.