Student Financial Aid

Local scholarships are awarded to Kansas City & MO area residents, and by local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, churches, rotary clubs, American Legion, VFW, etc. 

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Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s
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Missouri Bright Flight

Colleges and universities have their own scholarships to award.  Visit our college scholarships page for links to MO & KS colleges. Many universities offer Automatic Scholarships based on a first year student’s ACT score, GPA, and/or Class Rank.

3.0 GPA + 24 ACT = $12,000

In addition, many Automatic Scholarships are renewable as long as you maintain a certain GPA, and there is typically little or no paperwork necessary for these scholarships.

Thousands of national scholarships are available to students.  Many of these scholarships go unclaimed every year because no one applies for them.
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