Student Life

Faith Christian Academy strives to provide our students with a well rounded educational experience that serves to develop talents and train minds to use for the future glory and worship of Christ.  We offer Music, Fine Art, Drama, Travel Abroad, and Protocol in addition to our classical core subjects.

The study of the Arts and Philosophy together enable the student a greater understanding of present and past culture.  Understanding the criteria for evaluating the elements which comprise good Art will access realms of God-given creativity for study and appreciation. Teaching a child the needed skills to create in a specific medium will afford the opportunity to reflect God’s creativity. These higher aims have a greater value than merely offering a vague enrichment.

FCA formed a House system for secondary students (grades 7-12) during the spring of 2009.  The House system enhances the secondary student experience at FCA and serves the school in several ways by encouraging students to do their best in all things for the sake of the FCA community.