Protocol at FCA

It is our conviction at Faith Christian Academy that the truth, biblical worldview, and godly wisdom which we desire to cultivate in our students should intrinsically inspire principles of outward social conduct which will serve to adorn the Gospel of Christ in their lives as they interact with others in their relationships in every life situations. Our Protocol program is not only present to equip young people to behave in specific social situations, but likewise to prepare them for their future lives long after they have graduated from our school. Such principles of polite discourse, different behavior, and adherence to customs of social respect and politeness will also serve to help them in many other practical areas of their lives such as college and job interviews. A Protocol education at FCA also introduces our young people to a love for truth, beauty, and goodness in the arts, toward an appreciation and love for high culture, which has stood the test of time.

Far beyond learning what fork to use and where to put a napkin at a formal dinner, “protocol” extends to one’s expressed and habitual social actions, a way of behaving in a community or social setting. It incorporates the idea of extending grace, gentleness, and thoughtfulness toward others. Certainly, our biblical worldview should inform such an idea; and indeed, America finds its protocol deeply rooted in a Christian worldview from our early ancestors. It is lamentable and no surprise, then, that our increasingly secularized society finds itself becoming more crude, coarse, and vulgar as she leaves off these standards of Christian deportment. It is our prayer that we at FCA can train our young people to “conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.” This is no small task as we move counter-culturally upstream. May God be pleased to help us train our young people in such an endeavor!


Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. ~Philippians 1: 27