By virtue of his or her attendance at Faith Christian Academy, a student is identified with the Lord Jesus Christ. For that reason, FCA expects all students to dress with cleanliness and with modesty consistent with Biblical standards (I Corinthians 14:40, I Timothy 2:9, Deuteronomy 22:5). Our hope is that the uniform will eliminate unnecessary distractions that keep us from our task and will motivate our students to express their individuality through their work, not their adornment.

The uniform has been designed to promote consistency in appearance and to allow for flexibility in purchasing. FCA parents are responsible for ensuring that the uniform pieces purchased and worn are in accordance with the uniform policy. Students are to adhere to the uniform policy at all times, including arrival and departure. The Headmaster and/or his designee will determine if any article of clothing or accessory is unacceptable. Should a student be out of compliance, his or her parents will need to remedy the situation immediately.

As specified in the Uniform Policy, only plaid jumpers, plaid skirts, and outerwear (sweaters, sweater vests, sweatshirts & fleece jackets) must be purchased from Land’s End.  Parents may purchase other uniform pieces from the vendor of their choice.

All FCA Spiritwear and P.E. uniforms can be purchased through Strawberry Patch.